What Are Examples of Successful Link Reclamation Strategies?


    What Are Examples of Successful Link Reclamation Strategies?

    In the ever-evolving world of SEO, successful link reclamation can significantly boost your site's authority and traffic. We gathered insights from SEO managers and founders to share one example of their successful strategies and the outcomes. From identifying unlinked mentions for Mahabis to broken-link building that increases organic traffic, explore the diverse tactics in these nine expert contributions.

    • Identify Unlinked Mentions for Mahabis
    • Convert Unlinked Mentions into Backlinks
    • Leverage Social Sharing for Link Conversion
    • Personalized Emails Reclaim Company Mentions
    • Recover Lost Backlinks, Improve Traffic
    • Direct Communication Boosts SEO and Traffic
    • Rebranding Spurs Link Reclamation Success
    • Creative Outreach Revives Broken Inbound Links
    • Claim Unlinked Mentions with Friendly Emails
    • Broken-Link Building Increases Organic Traffic

    Identify Unlinked Mentions for Mahabis

    This year, we noticed that a lot of sites were mentioning our client 'Mahabis', but they weren't actually linking to them. As suppliers of indoor footwear, Mahabis was involved in a lot of product roundups and reviews but didn't receive any links back to their site. From here, we searched '"Mahabis" -mahabis.com' on Google to find instances where our client had been mentioned, while also filtering out all of their own URLs.

    After identifying the sites that didn't feature a backlink, we contacted them and asked them to insert a link back to the Mahabis page. Throughout February and March, seven different sites modified their copy and inserted a backlink to the Mahabis page. Since then, link reclamation has become a mainstay in my link-building tactics!

    Joe Worgan
    Joe WorganSearch Engine Optimization Executive, Infinity Nation

    Convert Unlinked Mentions into Backlinks

    Imagine your brand's name dancing across the internet—mentioned but not linked. Unlinked mentions are your golden opportunity to reclaim those lost links and bring them back to your backlink portfolio. With a little bit of persuasion, you can reach out to webmasters, kindly requesting them to turn those mentions into clickable links. With a few well-crafted emails and a touch of persistence, you've transformed unlinked mentions into valuable backlinks, boosting your website's authority and visibility in the vast expanse of the digital realm.

    Viola Eva
    Viola EvaFounder, Flow SEO

    Leverage Social Sharing for Link Conversion

    One strategy we use for linking unlinked brand mentions is to reach out to the website editor and highlight it, asking if they would be able to consider changing it to a link. But what really boosted our conversions for this was offering to share the post on our social media, and also to give a link to the page from one of our websites to help them rank the article.

    If you can't find the email for the editor, you can use a tool such as hunter.io to find it. Make sure you get to the point quickly about the value you can give them if they link to you.

    Mark McShane
    Mark McShaneFounder, HARO Link Building

    Personalized Emails Reclaim Company Mentions

    One successful link-reclamation strategy I implemented involved reaching out to websites that had mentioned my company but failed to include a clickable link to our website. After identifying these instances through regular monitoring using tools like Google Alerts and Ahrefs, I crafted personalized outreach emails to the webmasters, politely requesting them to add a clickable link to our site for proper attribution.

    The outcome was remarkable. Many of the webmasters were receptive to my request and promptly added the missing links. This not only helped to reclaim lost link opportunities but also boosted our website's authority and visibility in search engine results.

    Additionally, it strengthened relationships with these webmasters, potentially opening doors for future collaborations or mentions. Overall, this proactive link-reclamation strategy proved highly effective in maximizing our online presence and SEO efforts.

    Dhruv Shah
    Dhruv ShahSEO Manager, Forge Digital Marketing

    Recover Lost Backlinks, Improve Traffic

    Reflecting on my own experiences, I've personally executed a link-reclamation strategy for a client who faced a significant drop in organic traffic due to broken backlinks. Utilizing tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush, I identified these broken links and initiated contact with the referring websites. By providing updated content or alternative URLs, I managed to retrieve a substantial portion of the lost backlinks.

    This effort resulted in a noticeable surge in organic traffic and an improvement in the client's website rankings on search engines. Moreover, this personalized approach not only reinstated valuable link equity but also strengthened the client's online visibility and authority, drawing from my expertise and knowledge in the field.

    Carl Panepinto
    Carl PanepintoCo-Owner, Assertive Media

    Direct Communication Boosts SEO and Traffic

    One strategy that really turned the tables for us involved tracking down unlinked mentions of our content across the web. We discovered several high-profile blogs had referenced our articles but hadn't linked back to our website. Taking initiative, we reached out to these publishers with a friendly note, thanking them for the mention and gently suggesting they add a link to the original content for their readers' benefit. To our delight, most of them were happy to comply.

    This simple act significantly boosted our site's traffic and SEO ranking. It showed us the power of direct communication and the importance of keeping an eye on our digital footprint. It’s a testament to how small efforts can lead to big wins in the digital space.

    Swena Kalra
    Swena KalraChief Marketing Officer, Scott & Yanling Media Inc.

    Rebranding Spurs Link Reclamation Success

    Recently, we executed a successful link-reclamation strategy for a local auto service provider. The client had rebranded, resulting in numerous external sites linking to their old URL, which was no longer active. This represented a significant loss in potential traffic and authority for their new website.

    Our initial step was conducting a comprehensive link audit to identify all external links pointing to the outdated URL. Utilizing tools like Ahrefs, we pinpointed exactly where these links were coming from. We reached out to the owners of these external sites with a personalized email, kindly requesting that they update the links to point to the client's new URL. In cases where emails were not effective, we followed up with phone calls or even social media messages to ensure our request was noticed.

    Through this focused effort, we reclaimed over 90% of the lost links within a month. The outcome was remarkably positive. The client saw a 35% increase in referral traffic and a noticeable improvement in their site's authority, which contributed to a higher ranking in local search results. This strategy not only recovered lost digital assets but also fostered stronger relationships with other businesses, demonstrating the importance and effectiveness of direct, personalized communication in SEO.

    Ken Fortney
    Ken FortneyFounder, That Local Pack

    Creative Outreach Revives Broken Inbound Links

    We have resurfaced over 2,500 broken inbound links originally pointing to a client's domain across industry publications and blogs. But rather than just blindly redoing that outdated anchor text, our team handcrafted hyper-relevant replacement content freshly optimized for modern searcher intent.

    Then we executed a meticulous, personalized outreach sequence, educating those publishers on the mutual benefits of reviving those moribund links. Thirty-seven percent seamlessly restored those strategic backlinks, instantly reigniting a tidal wave of referral authority.

    When executed with tactical empathy at scale like that, link reclamation isn't tedious busywork; it's a potent slingshot bypassing competitors' grueling scalability ceilings. Resourceful creativity stomps brute-force, wasteful link-building tactics every single time.

    Jason Smit
    Jason SmitCEO, Contentellect

    Claim Unlinked Mentions with Friendly Emails

    Converting mentions into links is probably the best and easiest link-reclamation strategy. However, it is only useful for medium and large companies, which have 'unlinked mentions' throughout the web. It is as simple as doing a good crawl of the web (it can be with Ahrefs, but also with Google) and detecting all the mentions of your brand that do not give you a link. Then, a simple, friendly email will be enough to claim it.

    You can do the same with the CEO's name. If you find mentions of your CEO on the web, you can ask them to add his position, 'CEO of CompanyName,' with a link in the company name. The result? A 27% conversion rate over 100 emails sent.

    Marco Genaro Palma
    Marco Genaro PalmaFreelance CMO and SEO Consultant, GenaroPalma.com

    Broken-Link Building Increases Organic Traffic

    One of the most successful link-reclamation strategies I've used is broken-link building. I start by identifying relevant websites in my niche that have changed URLs or shut down. Then, I find similar content on my site that could replace those broken links. I reach out to webmasters, highlight the broken links, and suggest my content as a replacement. It's a win-win. They fix their site; I gain a high-quality backlink. In one campaign, I reclaimed 25 broken links. Organic traffic to those pages shot up 200% in 6 months. The key is persistence and adding value.

    Casey Jones
    Casey JonesFounder, Head of Marketing, CJ&CO