What Are Unexpected Benefits of Backlink Building Campaigns?


    What Are Unexpected Benefits of Backlink Building Campaigns?

    Exploring the lesser-known advantages of backlink building, we gathered insights from a diverse group of professionals, including SEO experts and company founders. From an unexpected boost in brand visibility to networking opportunities, here are the top twelve unexpected benefits these seasoned pros have uncovered in their campaigns.

    • Unexpected Brand Visibility Boost
    • Receive Valuable Content Feedback
    • Foster Technological Collaborations
    • Cultivate Empathy in Outreach
    • Enjoy Longevity of Links
    • Increase in Branded Search Traffic
    • Boost Referral Traffic Unexpectedly
    • Enhance Brand Reputation Industry-Wide
    • Powerful Brand Associations Emerge
    • Establish Credibility and Authority
    • Build Beneficial Industry Relationships
    • Networking Opportunities Through Backlinks

    Unexpected Brand Visibility Boost

    Enhanced Brand Visibility Through Backlinking

    One unexpected benefit I've encountered from my backlink-building campaigns is enhanced brand visibility across diverse online platforms. Initially, I focused on improving search engine rankings and driving traffic, but the ripple effects were surprising. As I pursued quality backlinks, our brand started appearing in unexpected places, gaining recognition in communities we hadn't tapped into. This expanded visibility boosted our online presence and opened doors to collaborations and partnerships we hadn't anticipated.

    Moreover, the diverse backlink sources diversified our audience, exposing us to new demographics and interests. It's fascinating how a strategic approach to backlinking can transcend its primary purpose and catalyze broader brand exposure and engagement. In essence, it's proof that effective backlinking isn't just about SEO; it's about forging meaningful connections across the digital landscape.

    Usman Ul Haq
    Usman Ul HaqSEO Strategist, WPExperts

    Receive Valuable Content Feedback

    When I reach out to other webmasters and content creators for backlinks, I often receive valuable feedback on my content. This feedback can include suggestions for improvement, insights into what resonates with their audience, and constructive criticism. Such insights have helped me refine my content strategy over time, resulting in higher-quality content that not only attracts backlinks but also provides more value to my readers.

    Ryan Doser
    Ryan DoserCo-Founder, AI Insider Tips

    Foster Technological Collaborations

    In my journey with MBC Group, diving deep into AI-driven marketing solutions, an unexpected benefit from our backlink-building campaigns has been the acceleration of technological collaborations. For instance, when we shared about AiDen, our AI chatbot, and its integration into digital marketing strategies through authoritative tech and marketing platforms, it sparked interest from tech startups looking for marketing partners. This not only expanded our backlink profile but also opened doors to potential tech collaborations, enriching our product offerings and creating a bridge between AI technology and practical marketing solutions.

    Another surprise came from the community engagement and user feedback loop it initiated. By focusing on quality backlinks within niche communities, we received direct user feedback on AiDen and other tools, which was invaluable. This engagement provided us with rich insights into user needs, helping us fine-tune our AI tools more effectively than any isolated testing could. This was an unexpected yet pivotal advantage, proving how strategic backlink campaigns can extend beyond SEO benefits, fostering product development and

    Matthew Montez
    Matthew MontezFounder, The MBC Group

    Cultivate Empathy in Outreach

    This might seem like a cliché answer, but I promise it isn't. I feel like it's made me more empathetic. Ugh, writing that sounds terrible.

    But let me explain: I think in order to get backlinks—actual backlinks—you need to understand who you're reaching out to. You should understand who they are, how they value their time, and why they should give you the time of day.

    I think having this people-first mindset in outreach has made my campaigns more successful and even led to a few professional relationships. I think people are just tired of the constant spam they receive, so when you add a little more personalization, it can really make a difference.

    That's why broken-link building is my personal favorite; instead of just having them insert the link for you, you're helping them identify something broken on their website while offering a quick alternative. To me, it's the best way not to waste their time, and it takes a little more effort than the generic guest-post email.

    Taylor Scher
    Taylor ScherSaaS SEO Consultant, TaylorscherSEO

    Enjoy Longevity of Links

    On several occasions, the original content where our links were placed got repurposed, reposted, or updated—so we get new backlinks. A surprising advantage I've encountered with backlinking is the longevity of our links. On several occasions, the original content where our links were placed got repurposed, reposted, or updated, and that effectively rolled out our links to fresh eyes. This means we continue to benefit from work we did once, without investing additional resources. It's a bit like planting a tree; you only plant it once, but it yields fruit season after season. This also underscores the importance of creating quality content that is evergreen and relevant to your target audience.

    Tristan Harris
    Tristan HarrisDemand Generation Senior Marketing Manager, Thrive Digital Marketing Agency

    Increase in Branded Search Traffic

    There has been tremendous growth in Phonexa's branded search traffic. I have worked at Phonexa for almost a year and have secured high-quality placements in respected outlets. We have placements in Forbes, the LA Times, Wikipedia, and over two hundred other top-tier sites. Little did I know that efforts to enhance our online presence through backlink building would have a ripple effect on our branded search traffic. Slowly, Phonexa started to become a buzzword among our target audience.

    From January 2023 to January 2024, Phonexa.com has seen a +60% increase in our branded traffic. This growth shows that we are becoming a preferred solution for customers within our industry. When prospective clients begin to search for marketing automation tools, we are on their minds. As more people search for our brand name, our ranking in search engines improves and creates a positive feedback loop that enhances our visibility for target keywords. Phonexa is now perceived as a thought leader and a reliable brand.

    Ananstasiia Romanovska
    Ananstasiia RomanovskaOutreach Marketing Specialist, Phonexa

    Boost Referral Traffic Unexpectedly

    One valuable benefit from our backlink campaigns has been the increase in referral traffic. While the primary aim of link-building is not to generate referral visits, the presence of our links on relevant sites has led to a significant uptick in visitors coming directly from these sources.

    This unintended advantage highlights the importance of having a robust conversion strategy ready to capitalize on this traffic, turning surprise visits into meaningful engagement or sales.

    Tobias Liebsch
    Tobias LiebschCo-Founder, Fintalent.io

    Enhance Brand Reputation Industry-Wide

    One unexpected benefit from my backlink-building campaigns for my digital agency has been the significant enhancement in brand visibility and reputation within our industry. While the primary goal was to improve our search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic to our website, the quality backlinks we acquired from reputable sites in our niche also served as endorsements of our expertise and reliability. This recognition went beyond just SEO; it positioned us as thought leaders and trusted authorities in digital marketing. We started receiving more invitations to participate in industry panels, webinars, and guest blogging opportunities, which further amplified our visibility and credibility in the market.

    This increased exposure has not only broadened our network but has also led to partnerships and collaborations with other industry leaders, opening doors to new business opportunities and ventures that we hadn't anticipated. It was a vivid demonstration of how a well-executed backlink strategy can transcend its initial SEO purposes, contributing to building a strong, reputable brand that is recognized and respected within its community. This experience underscored the power of strategic link-building in fostering not just web traffic, but real-world connections and opportunities that can propel a business forward in unexpected and valuable ways.

    Joe Davies
    Joe DaviesCo-Founder and CEO, FATJOE

    Powerful Brand Associations Emerge

    When done right, link-building campaigns can lead to some powerful brand associations. Earning backlinks from reputable sources associated our brand with authority, credibility, and expertise within our niche. Because the websites that gave us backlinks were reputable and valuable in their own right, then by extension, so were we, because they endorsed our page with a backlink. Link-building is just another term for vouching in SEO lingo, so to be vouched for and associated with high-quality, credible pages will no doubt do your website a lot of good when it comes to brand awareness, reputation, and ranking.

    Luciano Bellacci
    Luciano BellacciHead of Marketing, Group Online

    Establish Credibility and Authority

    In my experience, one unexpected benefit I've experienced from my backlink-building campaigns is the boost it gives to my website's credibility and authority. By acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable websites, not only do I improve my search engine rankings, but I also establish my brand as a trusted source of information within my industry. This enhanced credibility not only attracts more organic traffic to my website but also opens doors to exciting collaboration opportunities with other influential players in the field.

    Backlink-building truly proves to be a powerful tool in establishing a strong online presence and positioning oneself as an expert in the field.

    Noel Griffith
    Noel GriffithCMO, SupplyGem

    Build Beneficial Industry Relationships

    Backlink-building campaigns often lead to new connections that prove to be mutually beneficial. They have helped my brand build relationships with journalists, marketers, and other trusted names in the industry, resulting in enhanced media coverage, joint marketing initiatives, access to helpful resources, and knowledge sharing. These relationships not only enhance our brand's visibility through increased media exposure but also open doors to new opportunities.

    Milo Cruz
    Milo CruzSEO & Content Lead, BuddyCRM

    Networking Opportunities Through Backlinks

    One unexpected benefit we've seen from our backlink-building campaigns has been the incredible boost in networking opportunities. Initially, our focus was purely on SEO and improving our site's visibility. However, as we reached out to various websites and influencers for backlinks, we started building genuine relationships within our industry. These connections have opened doors to collaborations, guest blogging opportunities, and even joint ventures that we hadn't anticipated. It's like hitting two birds with one stone; not only are our SEO efforts paying off, but we're also expanding our network in ways that are invaluable for our business growth. It's a testament to how interconnected digital marketing strategies can be and how a single tactic, like backlink building, can ripple out to benefit your business in unexpected, yet fantastic ways.

    Will Hawkins
    Will HawkinsOwner, Digital Business