What Breakthroughs Can Competitor Backlink Analysis Bring to An SEO Strategy?


    What Breakthroughs Can Competitor Backlink Analysis Bring to An SEO Strategy?

    In the competitive world of SEO, ten experts, including CEOs and Marketing Specialists, reveal how analyzing competitor backlinks catapulted their strategies to new heights. From creating updated ultimate guide posts to optimizing recruitment with competitor insights, these success stories showcase the transformative power of smart backlink analysis.

    • Create Updated Ultimate Guide Posts
    • Guest Blogging Boosts Organic Search Ranking
    • Leverage Aged Domains for Backlink Strategy
    • Outreach to Unlinked Esteemed Websites
    • Tailored Content Attracts Authoritative Domains
    • Share Expertise with Journalists for Backlinks
    • Revamp Strategy for High-Quality Backlinks
    • Forum Engagement Drives Targeted Traffic
    • Partnerships with Lifestyle Blogs Enhance SEO
    • Optimize Recruitment with Competitor Insights

    Create Updated Ultimate Guide Posts

    Competitor backlink analysis has helped us discover several meaningful opportunities. One strategy that has been particularly helpful has been noticing which competitors have other sites linking to them with "20XX {TOPIC} Ultimate Guide" posts, and reaching out to those websites and offering to create an even more in-depth ultimate guide post for them, updated for the current year.

    Deploying this strategy led to us getting an extremely influential website in our space to publish our new Ultimate Guide post, which had significant SEO benefits and also direct referral traffic benefits, as it became one of the top-performing posts on their website.

    Competitor analysis is a great way to avoid re-inventing the wheel and find quick ways to add value to websites already linking to others in your space, so why not you?

    Grant Hensel
    Grant HenselCEO, Nonprofit Megaphone

    Guest Blogging Boosts Organic Search Ranking

    Last year, we were working to boost our organic search ranking. Unfortunately, Phonexa operates in a competitive industry, and many established players dominate the top results. I decided to do a comprehensive competitor backlink analysis using SEMrush and Ahrefs. I focused on their backlink profiles, websites linking to them, the anchor text distribution, and domain authority. I noticed they focused more on backlinks from industry forums, and there was a gap—guest blogging. Guest blogging became the new foundation of our outreach strategy as we sought high-authority sites relevant to our target audience—business technology websites and marketing industry blogs. We sent guest blog pitches showing Phonexa's unique value and industry insights, and we successfully secured placement on prominent websites like Forbes. In a few months, our organic traffic from these guest blog posts was noticeable. These backlinks boosted our domain authority, ranking us higher in search engine rankings.

    Ananstasiia Romanovska
    Ananstasiia RomanovskaOutreach Marketing Specialist, Phonexa

    Leverage Aged Domains for Backlink Strategy

    The backlink gap was too big to close with normal link-building. Instead, we focused on acquiring aged domains and building out websites to test the authority of the aged domain. Once the domain started ranking, we 301-redirected the domain to ours. In total, we built out seven aged domains, of which we 301-redirected three domains. Two have never picked up and were ignored. The two remaining are still to be validated. However, we might just redirect them to the first domains that have been redirected already (tier 2). We don't want to overuse this technique.

    Additionally, we created a small digital PR campaign that got many backlinks—of course, a lot of nofollow links, though.

    The authority gap is now way smaller, and we start building more consistent links (guest posts and niche edits).

    Sascha Hoffmann
    Sascha HoffmannLifecycle Marketing Consultant, Back2MarketingSchool

    Outreach to Unlinked Esteemed Websites

    We performed an analysis of competitor backlinks on behalf of a software industry client. We discovered advantageous prospects for the expansion of their backlink profile by identifying websites that provide links to their competitors but do not link to them.

    By means of outreach initiatives that specifically targeted these esteemed websites, we successfully obtained backlinks for our client's website, thereby substantially increasing their search engine rankings and generating substantial organic traffic. This not only increased their search engine visibility but also bolstered their industry authority and credibility.

    Subsequently, our client witnessed a significant surge in website traffic, generated leads, and completed customers. This instance of achievement highlights the significance of competitor backlink analysis as a strategic instrument for discovering unexplored prospects and propelling expansion in digital marketing approaches.

    Jessica Shee
    Jessica SheeSenior Tech Editor and Marketing Content Manager, iBoysoft

    Tailored Content Attracts Authoritative Domains

    In one of our campaigns, conducting a thorough competitor backlink analysis led to a significant strategic breakthrough. By understanding where our competitors were getting their backlinks, we identified untapped authoritative domains relevant to our industry. We then tailored our content to align with these domains' interests, resulting in successful outreach and an increase in high-quality backlinks. This not only improved our website's authority and search engine rankings but also broadened our reach to new, relevant audiences, substantially boosting our online presence.

    Marco Genaro Palma
    Marco Genaro PalmaContent Marketing Manager, PRLab

    Share Expertise with Journalists for Backlinks

    Until recently, I was unaware that it was possible for CEOs and professionals to efficiently share their knowledge online with journalists who are hungry for expert opinions. However, a competitor backlink analysis highlighted how one of my competitors was spreading their knowledge online and gaining lots of backlinks in the process. This led me down a rabbit hole where I have discovered various platforms that match subject-matter experts with journalists. Since then, I have been very successful in providing valuable thought-leadership ideas online and gaining many valuable backlinks in the process.

    Dr. Mark Farrell (Fia)
    Dr. Mark Farrell (Fia)Founder, CEO, Associate Professor & Actuary, ProActuary Jobs

    Revamp Strategy for High-Quality Backlinks

    As an SEO expert, I can share a success story where competitor backlink analysis led to a breakthrough in our strategy. We were working on optimizing a client's website for higher rankings in the search results. During our initial research phase, we discovered that one of our client's main competitors was consistently outranking them.

    To understand why this was happening, we decided to conduct a detailed backlink analysis of the competitor's website. We used various tools to identify their backlink profile and compared it to our client's. It became clear that our client's competitor had a much stronger and more diverse backlink portfolio.

    With this newfound insight, we revamped our strategy to focus more on acquiring high-quality backlinks. We analyzed the backlinks of our client's competitors to identify potential opportunities for collaboration, outreach, and guest posting. We also adjusted our content strategy to create more link-worthy content that would naturally attract backlinks.

    Over time, as we implemented these changes, we started to see a significant improvement in our client's organic rankings. By continually monitoring our competitors' backlink profiles, we were able to stay updated on their new backlinks and adapt our strategy accordingly. This allowed us to maintain a competitive edge and further enhance our client's online visibility.

    Competitor backlink analysis enabled us to identify the missing piece in our client's SEO strategy and make informed decisions to improve their backlink profile. This ultimately led to higher rankings, increased organic traffic, and a successful SEO campaign.

    Alex Lirette
    Alex LiretteFounder, Orbital Seo

    Forum Engagement Drives Targeted Traffic

    In my journey as an entrepreneur, creating and selling businesses like Crystal Clear Digital Marketing and Anthem Business Software, I've found competitor backlink analysis to be an invaluable strategy. For instance, when building Crystal Clear Digital Marketing, we noticed through backlink analysis that our competitors were effectively leveraging medical and health forums to drive significant traffic. This insight was a revelation. We began crafting high-quality content tailored to these forums, focusing on topics that resonated with medical professionals and practices, our target audience. This not only earned us quality backlinks but also positioned us as thought leaders in the digital marketing space for medical practices. The impact was profound; we observed a 50% increase in targeted traffic over six months, which directly contributed to our sales pipeline and ultimately the value of the business at the point of sale.

    Backlink analysis taught us the power of understanding not just where your competitors are linked, but why. For BAMBAMTASTIC Games, leveraging this strategy helped us identify untapped opportunities within niche gaming communities and forums. By engaging these communities with valuable content and game development insights, we not only improved our backlink profile but also built a loyal player base even before launch. This groundwork was critical in achieving a successful game launch, underscoring the importance of strategic competitor analysis in identifying and executing on opportunities to build a robust online presence and engage with your target audience effectively.

    Adam Degraide
    Adam DegraideChief Executive Officer, BamBamTastic Games

    Partnerships with Lifestyle Blogs Enhance SEO

    While working on revamping the marketing strategy for BRP's Sea-Doo Spark, competitor backlink analysis played a crucial role in steering our approach toward gaining a competitive edge in the watercraft industry. By analyzing our competitors' backlinks, we uncovered that they had significantly penetrated lifestyle and adventure sports blogs, which directly catered to our target demographic yet had little to no mention of Sea-Doo products. Leveraging this insight, we initiated a series of partnerships with these blogs, providing them with exclusive content on Sea-Doo adventures and the unique features of the Sea-Doo Spark. This not only garnered high-quality backlinks that boosted our SEO performance but also increased brand awareness among our target audience.

    Simultaneously, the analysis revealed a lack of presence in comparison videos on YouTube, where competitors' products were being extensively reviewed and compared. Responding to this, I led the creation of a series of comparison videos showcasing the Sea-Doo Spark's advantages over competitors, emphasizing its superior storage space and highlighting its performance in practical scenarios compared to others. These videos were optimized with links back to our main site, significantly enhancing our backlink profile. As a result, web traffic saw a substantial increase, and the Sea-Doo Spark enjoyed a marked uplift in sales post-campaign. This approach emphasized the critical role of competitor backlink analysis in identifying overlooked opportunities and optimizing our digital marketing efforts to outperform the competition effectively.

    Steve Laurel
    Steve LaurelIT and Marketing, Blackbeard Marine

    Optimize Recruitment with Competitor Insights

    In my role, attracting top talent posed a significant challenge. To address this, I turned to competitor backlink analysis to refine our recruitment strategy. By examining competitor practices, I identified high-authority websites and professional forums frequented by our target candidates. Armed with these insights, we optimized our career page, strategically placed job ads, initiated targeted outreach campaigns, and established partnerships with industry influencers to amplify our employer brand. The result? A notable increase in both the quantity and quality of job applicants, positioning our agency as a top employer in the public sector. This underscores the transformative power of competitor analysis in shaping recruitment strategies and underscores the importance of staying abreast of industry trends to remain competitive in the talent market.

    Michael Hurwitz
    Michael HurwitzCEO and Co-Founder, Careers in Government