What Innovative Strategies Maintain the Quality of Backlink Sources?

    What's one innovative way you've used to maintain the quality and relevance of your backlink sources over time?

    In the ever-evolving landscape of SEO, maintaining the quality and relevance of backlink sources is crucial. We've gathered insights from SEO Specialists, Marketing Directors, and other industry experts to share one innovative way they've achieved this. From featuring on resource pages to auditing backlinks with online tools, explore the diverse strategies in our compilation of fifteen unique answers.

    • Feature on Resource Pages
    • Dynamic Multi-Pronged Backlink Approach
    • Track Social Shares of Backlinks
    • Diversify Content for Varied Backlinks
    • Monitor and Analyze Backlink Effectiveness
    • Set Weekly Research Time for Backlinks
    • Earn Niche-Specific Backlinks
    • Conduct Periodic Backlink Health Checks
    • Implement a Link Reclamation Strategy
    • Monitor Trust and Citation Flow
    • Build Proactive Industry Relationships
    • Avoid Backlinks with High Spam Scores
    • Create a Link-Networking Association
    • Engage with Industry Influencers
    • Audit Backlinks with Online Tools

    Feature on Resource Pages

    Getting the most relevant and high-quality backlinks requires following the right formula that can greatly improve your website's ranking and authority! One approach that has consistently yielded amazing results and never fails is getting featured on resource pages. There are resource pages filled with great information about any topic or niche you are interested in! This works as a win-win situation for both parties because your page makes their resource page look better.

    Besides, there are also chances that such resource pages have specific sections saying 'suggest a resource,' as if they're inviting you to pitch. It's a picture-perfect opportunity and a time-saving approach that works almost all the time. Optimizing this process using various backlink analytical tools has been helpful. You can filter out the data based on our resource link-building process and see only those data that are likely to collaborate.

    In such cases, directly contacting the site owners also leads to successful negotiations because, using the analytics tool, you have already figured out that they are interested. Using this strategy ensures the results are positive with less effort and time, which is smart, by the way!

    Jack Vivian
    Jack VivianChief Technology Officer, Increditools

    Dynamic Multi-Pronged Backlink Approach

    Our marketing team actively maintains the quality and relevance of our backlink sources through a dynamic, multi-pronged approach. We regularly pitch our content in-house using platforms like Featured and HARO (Help A Reporter Out), securing high-quality backlinks directly. This hands-on approach lets us control the quality of our backlinks effectively.

    We also partner with specialized backlink contractors on a monthly basis, expanding our reach and diversifying our backlink sources. These partnerships are crucial for tapping into a wider network and enhancing our link profile.

    One of our standout strategies is creating and sharing original research reports relevant to our industry. These reports not only establish us as thought leaders but also naturally attract numerous backlinks to our website. This strategy is particularly effective because it combines our expertise with the natural appeal of fresh, valuable insights.

    This blend of direct pitching, strategic partnerships, and content-driven approaches ensures we always have a steady stream of top-quality backlinks from diverse sources, keeping our website authoritative and relevant.

    Katie White
    Katie WhiteContent Marketing Manager, Centime

    Track Social Shares of Backlinks

    For our website, one of our core practices in our backlink management strategies is to regularly pay attention to our backlinks' social-share magnitude. I'm a firm believer that you can't really gauge the quality of a backlink without considering its social impact.

    What we do is track the social shares of our backlinks. We look into whether the pages linking to us are getting shared on social media platforms and whether they're engaging with their audience. We focus a lot on social shares and engagement rates because these are key indicators of how valuable a link might be. When people share and like a page that links to us, those people might end up visiting our website, too, making them potential valuable visitors. These are the kinds of links we want to keep. If a page with our link is getting a lot of social shares, it means more people are likely to visit our site. And when our backlinks are on pages that are popular on social media, it could really boost our site’s traffic and even improve our conversion rates.

    Precious Abacan
    Precious AbacanMarketing Director, Softlist

    Diversify Content for Varied Backlinks

    We recognize that the digital world, as well as user behavior, is constantly changing. To adjust, we devised a content diversification strategy. This entails developing a variety of content types, such as infographics, podcasts, interactive tools, and more. This not only appeals to a wide range of consumer preferences but also creates the potential for a variety of backlink sources. By constantly reinventing our content offerings, we draw links from a variety of domains, resulting in a strong and diverse backlink profile.

    Nely Mihaylova
    Nely MihaylovaSEO Specialist, iFlooded Restoration

    Monitor and Analyze Backlink Effectiveness

    We use ongoing monitoring and analysis to ensure that backlink sources remain relevant and of high quality. We routinely assess the effectiveness of our backlinks using a variety of SEO technologies. This involves evaluating elements such as traffic numbers, page relevancy, and domain authority. We immediately disavow or replace backlinks from irrelevant or low-quality sources. We closely monitor any changes in the quality of the linking sites. Our backlink profile is continuously monitored to make sure it is strong and compliant with modern SEO best practices.

    Graham McCormack
    Graham McCormackSEO Specialist, Graham SEO

    Set Weekly Research Time for Backlinks

    One of the best methods that I've found works well is to set aside some time every week to do research. I know that a lot goes into backlink building, and constant research and effort are needed. However, this often gets lost in the entire process of trying to get pages to rank well. Now, what I do is, once per week, I will sit down with reports from Search Console, SEMrush, and a few other platforms. I'll look at the performance of the site, check what keywords are doing really well, and also do some competitor research. Then, I'll decide on what type of backlink we need next—and once this is decided, it's really much easier to find the right site to get a backlink from. However, I also use half of this time to review existing backlinks—a quality backlink can change unexpectedly, especially if a site is hit by something negative.

    Joe Flanagan
    Joe FlanaganMarketing Manager, Ukulele Tabs

    Earn Niche-Specific Backlinks

    I always make sure that the backlinks I earn are within my niche. This focused approach ensures that the links come from sources that are not only authoritative but also closely related to my field. Keeping the backlinks niche-specific also resonates more effectively with my audience, which makes them entirely appropriate in the first place.

    Harry Boxhall
    Harry BoxhallSEO Consultant, Monthly SEO

    Conduct Periodic Backlink Health Checks

    In managing backlinks for my micro-business, I've found periodic 'Backlink Health Checks' to be highly effective. This process involves using SEO tools to identify and remove any low-quality or irrelevant backlinks, ensuring my site's SEO health isn't compromised. Additionally, I regularly assess the relevance of the linking sites to ensure they align with my content and business values. An important part of this strategy is also building and maintaining relationships with these sites, whether through expressions of gratitude or collaborative efforts. This not only solidifies existing backlinks but often leads to new, high-quality ones. This proactive approach helps in keeping my backlink profile robust and beneficial for my site's SEO performance.

    Scott Baradell
    Scott BaradellCEO, Idea Grove

    Implement a Link Reclamation Strategy

    Link reclamation strategy has proven invaluable for us. It involves regularly auditing existing backlinks to identify broken or outdated links pointing to your site. Once you spot such links, reach out to webmasters to fix or update them. It not only maintains the quality of your backlink profile but also reinforces positive relationships. This proactive approach ensures that your website continues to benefit from high-quality, relevant backlinks, contributing to sustained SEO success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

    John Hughes
    John HughesCEO & President, ElectricianShield

    Monitor Trust and Citation Flow

    In our backlink management strategy, we place a lot of emphasis on monitoring the Trust Flow and Citation Flow of our backlinks.

    These are metrics from MajesticSEO that help assess a website's trustworthiness and credibility. Trust Flow looks at the quality and reputation associated with a site's links, while Citation Flow evaluates the influence and high-quality citations of a link. Generally speaking, higher scores in these metrics suggest that your backlinks are reliable and credible. This, in turn, can boost your website's Trust Flow, especially if you're linking to other high-scoring sites.

    Here's a useful tip: MajesticSEO offers a Majestic Topic filter that helps you understand the topic relevance of your backlinks. It uses topic tags to categorize backlinks based on their content. For instance, if you're in the SEO industry and find backlinks related to health topics, it's important to check how relevant these are to your website.

    Patrick Beltran
    Patrick BeltranMarketing Director, Ardoz Digital

    Build Proactive Industry Relationships

    One innovative approach is through proactive relationship-building. Instead of solely focusing on acquiring backlinks, I prioritize establishing genuine connections within my industry. This involves engaging with influencers, thought leaders, and relevant websites, not just for link placement but to genuinely contribute to discussions, share insights, and collaborate on valuable content.

    By nurturing authentic relationships, I've found that backlinks naturally follow as a byproduct. These links are more organic and contextually relevant, and they also tend to withstand changes in algorithms and industry trends.

    James Owen
    James OwenCo-Founder & Director, Click Intelligence

    Avoid Backlinks with High Spam Scores

    On our website, we always pay attention to the Spam Score of our backlinks. I recommend checking whether your backlinks are spammy. You can determine this by looking at the Spam Score of each backlink. This score, created by Moz, assesses the spamminess of your links based on data from Google's web crawlers. It's also an indicator of a website's trustworthiness.

    In managing our backlinks, we steer clear of links from spammy websites. For instance, spammy links often originate from sites with low authority, show an unusual spike in traffic from countries outside our target audience, accept low-quality guest posts for links, and have low link diversity.

    Having a few backlinks with a high Spam Score isn't a major issue. However, accumulating many backlinks with high Spam Scores can negatively impact your own score. This could harm your website's SEO performance and reduce organic traffic. Here's a tip: aim for backlinks with a Spam Score of 1-30%, as this range is considered low and less likely to cause issues with Google.

    Jonathan Merry
    Jonathan MerryFounder, Moneyzine

    Create a Link-Networking Association

    We started a kind of Link-Networking Association with our peers in the industry. Rather than going for random backlinks, we established a network of related, top-quality websites. This entailed forming long-term partnerships, collaborating in content creation, and ensuring reciprocal link-building practices. So far, this approach has helped us attain highly relevant and authoritative backlinks and also contributed to a prospering network that keeps bearing fruit in terms of SEO performance and sustained online visibility. The strategy emphasizes the need for well-planned and ongoing efforts to maintain healthy and vibrant backlink portfolios in future periods.

    Dennis Sanders
    Dennis SandersFounder, Burning Daily

    Engage with Industry Influencers

    One innovative strategy I've employed to maintain the quality and relevance of backlink sources over time is by establishing and creating relationships with industry influencers and thought leaders. Instead of focusing solely on link-building, I prioritize building genuine connections within my industry. By regularly engaging with influencers through collaboration, co-created content, or participation in industry events, I ensure that the backlinks generated are not only high-quality but also come from authoritative and relevant sources. This strengthens the credibility of my backlink profile while opening doors for ongoing partnerships, keeping the link sources current and aligned with the latest industry trends. These relationships also often result in organic backlinks as influencers naturally reference and share content from trusted connections within the industry.

    Matias Rodsevich
    Matias RodsevichFounder, PRHive

    Audit Backlinks with Online Tools

    I want my company's website to be a stand-alone representative of how much my business has to offer both current and prospective clients. One way to achieve such a designation is through maintaining the quality and relevance of the backlinks on my website. An innovative strategy to keep these elements timely—and ultimately profitable—is to use online auditing tools to measure the relevance, benefit, and SEO-related success tied to current backlink content.

    There are many digital audit tools available; popular ones include Ahrefs and SE Ranking Backlink Checker. SEMrush is particularly helpful in winning the backlink battle because of its focus on aspects not so obvious, with its reports and suggestions on items that could be causing more harm than good (such as possible damage to professional credibility), and the use of SEO-gold keywords that competitors may be utilizing, leaving your company overlooked in valuable cyberspace searches.

    Brett Downes
    Brett DownesFounder, Haro Helpers