What Strategies Do SEO Specialists Use to Acquire Backlinks from Sites that Rarely Link Out?


    What Strategies Do SEO Specialists Use to Acquire Backlinks from Sites that Rarely Link Out?

    Securing a coveted backlink from a site that rarely links out can seem like a daunting task, but it's not impossible. We've gathered insights from SEO specialists and founders to reveal their successful strategies. From offering a win-win exchange to sharing relevant personal experiences, discover the top ten tactics used to earn those elusive backlinks.

    • Offer a Win-Win Exchange
    • Tailor Content and Build Relationships
    • Provide Complementary Content
    • Innovate for Recognition and Backlinks
    • Create Link-Worthy Content
    • Conduct Research and Personalize Outreach
    • Utilize Resource Sites for Backlinks
    • Conduct Exclusive Research for Interest
    • Add Value for Natural Backlinks
    • Share Relevant Personal Experience

    Offer a Win-Win Exchange

    Offer a win-win solution. Usually, I provide something interesting in return. For example, link swaps from legitimate websites, which have a high domain rating and traffic, make it profitable for them.

    Or, if the regulations are very strict and they really can't provide backlinks from their website, I won't force it. Our task is not only to build links but more than that; we build good relationships.

    Eve Gibson
    Eve GibsonSEO specialist, Voissee

    Tailor Content and Build Relationships

    To secure a backlink from a site that typically doesn't link out, start by researching their content and audience to tailor your approach effectively. Provide value by offering content that complements theirs, ensuring it brings clear benefits to their audience. Personalized outreach is crucial; craft messages that highlight mutual interests and goals, showing how your content aligns with theirs. Building relationships is key; engage with them on social media, attend industry events, and demonstrate genuine interest in their work. Offer something in return, such as promoting their content or providing guest-post opportunities, to show reciprocity. Persistence pays off; don't be discouraged by initial rejections, as polite follow-ups can often lead to success. By combining these strategies, you'll increase your chances of securing a valuable backlink from even the most reluctant sites.

    Diamond Price
    Diamond PriceCreative & SEO Specialist

    Provide Complementary Content

    Getting a link from a site that usually doesn't share links meant I had to be smart about it. I looked at what they were missing on their site and made something really good that fit right in. I didn't just ask for a link; I showed them how my content could make their site even better. By talking to them and focusing on how we could help each other, I managed to get that special link. It was all about making sure what I offered was exactly what they needed.

    Bart Waldon
    Bart WaldonCo-Founder, Land Boss

    Innovate for Recognition and Backlinks

    We managed to get a backlink from a site that usually doesn't link out by creating something truly innovative. Our company, focused on conservation and ethical eco-tourism, made a big impression with our guests at Honest Eco. In just two years, we designed and built the first lithium-ion hybrid electric boat for charter in the U.S. The boat, named SQUID, has been running since 2019. It improved the quality of the Honest Eco tours while reducing our environmental footprint, and this led to us being ranked as the top tour in Key West on TripAdvisor.

    This achievement helped us gain a lot of attention and resulted in a good number of backlinks to our website from well-known media outlets. This coverage not only elevated our brand visibility but also validated our efforts in sustainable tourism, showcasing our commitment to making a positive environmental impact. This recognition has been instrumental in enhancing our online presence and credibility within the eco-tourism community.

    Billy Litmer
    Billy LitmerFounder, Honest Eco

    Create Link-Worthy Content

    A link is normally given when there is something worth linking to. Create link-worthy content, and then do the work to gain the links. This is where PR heavily comes into play. However, even if you have a million-dollar PR budget, if you are not linking to anything that is worth linking to, it will mean nothing to your rankings and SEO. And yes, just like with actual PR, you will have to pay for it. Unless your content really is out of this world, most websites that mean anything in terms of a quality backlink charge a fee. Publishers need to make a living too, even if they publish online.

    Jugnu Nagar
    Jugnu NagarSEO Specialist, GREAT Guest Posts

    Conduct Research and Personalize Outreach

    Successfully obtaining a backlink from a site that doesn't link out involves a strategic and personalized approach. Initially, I conducted thorough research to understand the content preferences and audience of the target site. Then, I crafted a highly relevant and valuable piece of content that aligned with their standards and interests.

    After that, I personally emailed the site owner, highlighting how my content could add value to their audience. This approach, focusing on mutual benefit and relevance rather than a straightforward link request, was key to breaking through their usual reluctance to link out.

    Tom Jauncey
    Tom JaunceyHead at Nautilus Marketing, Nautilus Marketing

    Utilize Resource Sites for Backlinks

    Acquiring a backlink from a site that usually doesn't link out can be effectively achieved via resource sites. These are websites that provide useful information and tools for specific industries or topics. By reaching out to these resource sites, you can offer your own valuable content or tool to be included on their site, along with a backlink to your own website. To successfully obtain a backlink from a resource site, you need to have a clear and organized approach. Start by identifying relevant resource sites that cater to your industry or niche. Then, research their content and see what they are currently lacking in terms of information or tools. This will help you come up with a compelling pitch to offer your own content or tool as a valuable addition to their site. Reach out to the website owner or editor with a personalized email, highlighting the benefits of including your content on their site and how it can add value to their readers. Be polite, professional, and avoid being too pushy or spammy in your approach.

    John Mcdougall
    John McdougallFounder & CEO, McDougall Interactive

    Conduct Exclusive Research for Interest

    Our strategy was to dive deep into creating exclusive research that highlighted the evolution of sportswear fabrics and their impact on athletic performance. We spent months collecting data, analyzing trends, and compiling insights that were both unique and compelling. Recognizing the value this could bring to their readers, we reached out personally to the editor, sharing a snippet of our findings and offering them the exclusive chance to feature it. This approach piqued their interest and aligned with their commitment to delivering fresh, authoritative content. It was a win-win that showed the power of offering something genuinely valuable.

    Jay Barton
    Jay BartonCEO & Founder, ASRV

    Add Value for Natural Backlinks

    There has been an incredible number of words written about the many strategies web marketers can deploy to secure backlinks, many of which ignore the one simple universal truth: Those who provide value secure backlinks. In cases where I've approached a website operator who doesn't typically link out, I first did my homework to make sure I understood their brand voice and approach. I thought about ways I could augment their content and add value, so a backlink felt natural and not like they were risking a loss of eyeballs. When I made the approach, I did so respectfully and directly, mindful of their time. Each of those steps mattered, but none more than providing significant value to the publication and their readership.

    Drew Chapin
    Drew ChapinPartner, Commerce Media Studio

    Share Relevant Personal Experience

    I have been featured in a few big-name publications with another blog that I run. My strategy was to answer their query with my personal experience. Don't answer as an expert in your blogging field only because that may not be what they're looking for.

    Here's an example: If the publication is looking for personal experience as a parent of toddlers, and you have experience with that, then answer and tell them that.

    Don't even bring up the fact that your blog is about internet marketing or anything else since it's not relevant. Only use the experience you have that is relevant to the query.

    When they ask you for an attribution link, that's when you share your website. At that point, they'll have to give you a backlink.

    Aghogho Boccardi
    Aghogho BoccardiBlogger and Content creator, BLW For Busy Moms